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Artwork And Design

Artwork And Design

Artwork from as little as £35 per hour

At GT Print And Design we have a team of qualified experts who can assist you every step of the way when it comes to design. All our print services are available with access to our designers to make sure you achieve the look that you want.

We can create high resolution designs, work with your brief, create a brand identity or just retouch an old logo. Our design team use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design which are at the cutting edge of the design world.

What Is Included In My Artwork?

Unlike some companies we make sure you receive full copies of your designs and logo's, after all they are yours. This means that should you need to use your logo or design somewhere else in the future then you will have all the high quality files to hand.

I Don't Have My Artwork Files Anymore

If you are looking to have some printing done but don't have your artwork files anymore then we can recreate your artwork for you. Our skilled team can reproduce your logo from anything you still have such as a business card or a small picture on your phone. We can recreate your logo in vector format which means it is then suitable to use for many types of print work.

Digital Stich Template (.dst) Files

At GT Print And Design we can create your company logo or branding in a format which can be used by our embroidery machines. Our designers calculate how many stitches and in which direction it will take to create your design. This artwork charge is a one off, as when your file is created you can then reuse it again and again for any future embroidered garments that you may order.

What Do You Need From Me?

When you come to us for printing we will ask for your artwork if it has not been created by one of our in house designers. There are different types of files which we can print from to ensure that your print work remains in high quality.

  • .jpg .jpeg - These file types are not recommended for most printing as they be created using high compression which means when it is scaled to a large size the print will pixelate as it can when you zoom in too much on a screen. We can't open or edit these files to amend artwork.
  • .gif - These files are not reccommended for printing and and not editable by us.
  • .pdf - These are the reccommended files we would ask for most types of printing. They can keep images at high resolution from the original artwork. Some PDF files are editable if you are asking us to make amendments to the artwork depending upon how they have been created.
  • .eps - These files are great for printing from as they are vectors which means they scale without distortion. They are also the required file type when it comes to cutting materials for vehicle sign writing or certain types of branded clothing.

If you have questions about your artwork files then please get in touch with us. Call us on 01442 506510.