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Christmas Marketing Survival Guide

Are You Ready?

The C word is coming up: Christmas. For most people, it’s a fun tme of year with celebratons aplenty, pumpkin spice lates, and decoratons galore. For others, Christmas is a chore. This doesn’t bode well if you’re a small business trying to market your wares in the busiest retail period of the year – but we understand. Christmas is not for everyone. But it’s a necessity if you want to make money, gain a loyal customer base, and encourage people to return to spend their money in the January sales.We’ve put together a marketng guide just for you, the ones who avoid all things jingly untl it’s absolutely necessary. You’ll get through this season, and you’ll discover that it’s not actually that bad afer all (once you see those monthly income reports, anyway).

Embrace The Decor:

You might not want to decorate your premises for Christmas, but it will make your customers more receptve to buying your products. Christmas decoratons can put customers into a buying mindset, especially if a display includes a sign to suggest who would make a great recipient for that product. Fun and festve posters are a great way to atract buyers to your promotons. Use them to draw people in by placing in a window, or highlight partcularly great ofers in-store with some large and eye-catching posters on your interior walls.

Spread The Christmas Love:

December the 15th is Christmas Jumper Day, where you should encourage everyone at work to dig out their festive jumpers and embrace the Christmas spirit. You could also extend this to your customers by encouraging them to shop wearing their Christmas jumpers and for doing so they receive a discount voucher or a free Christmas gift in store.

You Don’t Have To Have Christmas Music:

For anyone who has ever worked in retail, Christmas songs become a trigger for a nervous twitch. The same CD played over, and over, and over again can turn even the most sane gif shop owner to delirium.Instead of the same old Christmas music playing in the background, lure customers into your shop with some promotonal fyers instead! If you feel you must have some music, why not te this in to a special late opening event and have some local musicians come to play in your shop? This would be an unusual and atenton-grabbing tactc sure to draw increased footall into your premises.

Send Out Your Cards AT The Last-Minute:

This sounds a bit backwards, but it can work well: if you send holiday cards to your existng customers with a very short-term promotonal ofer inside, you won’t need to run Christmas promotons from November.A limited-tme-only ofer works on the scarcity principle: the less likely it is to occur, the more people want it. Prepare for a short-term rush in the week you’re ofering a fabulous promoton, and you’ll be able to get the Christmas shoppers out of the door, hands full of your products, without startng your promotons in October.

Think Ahead:

If you grit your teeth through the December rush, and employ some savvy marketng techniques, you’ll see a boost in January revenue, too!So, rather than focussing on the dreaded festve season, gear up for the January sales instead. Prepare your customers for the biggest sale of the year by encouraging them to buy their Christmas gifs with you – in return for a money-of voucher they’ll get to spend in January. This ensures you not only boost your sales in the busiest retail period of the year, but you also set yourself up for repeat custom. Once someone has spent money in your shop a couple of tmes, they’re far more likely to develop a loyalty and return in the future – discount or no discount!

Prepare Your New Years Giveaways:

While you’re looking to the future, why not think about potental giveaways to encourage custom in the New Year? A perfect example would be a branded notebook or wall calendar, which your customers will use for the entre year – and therefore see your branding for months to come! You could ofer a small goodie bag for people who spend above a certain amount during December or January, and include branded merchandise like a diary, some stckers, and a referral discount voucher to give to their friends!So there you have it: Christmas doesn’t have to be all that tricky to navigate. If you run some savvy, short-term promotons and think about the lifetme value of a new customer drawn ivn by Christmas cheer, it’s not all that bad afer all.