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Paper Flags

Paper Flags

Prices start from as little as £100

Paper hand Waving flags for promotion, media & events... bespoke designs, best prices!

GT Print And Design can supply your business or brand paper hand waving flags. These flags are popular with young people and are already used by many radio stations, fast food restaurants & tourist attractions as give-away gifts which work to promote your brand.

Flags are extremely effective for advertising, promotions, sporting events, obtaining charity donations and, in particular, fundraising.

The advantages over many other fundraising and promotional products are: 

  • They can be sold directly to friends, the Public and agencies.
  • They can be given away in any commercial promotion.
  • They can be sold as a charity or other organisation fundraiser.
  • Sponsors can participate by adding a suitable message.
  • A quick turnaround even on large orders.
  • It is not perishable.
  • It is cheap, an easy sell and affordable by all.      

There are many ways to utilise Paper Flags and we would be happy to discuss the best way to suit your organisation.

Design & Artwork

We require your artwork supplied in the format below. If you are not planning to print in full (four) colour then please ensure your artwork is produced properly with only the correct pantone colours included for your design.

If you would like us to do your artwork for you, this is no problem and will be charged for both sides (this price is for the assembly of existing artwork into the correct format for printing, working from your existing artwork, which must be supplied).


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